Smart Surveillance Interest Group – SSIG

The Smart Surveillance Interest Group (SSIG) is composed of researchers, graduate and undergraduate students that investigate problems related to Video Surveillance, Forensics and Biometrics by developing techniques on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Digital Image Processing. The research group tackles problems including feature extraction, background subtraction, pedestrian detection, spoofing detection, person tracking, face recognition, person re-identification, pose estimation, gesture recognition, anomaly detection and activity recognition to allow scene understanding.

The SSIG provides a highly collaborative environment for its members by holding weekly meetings to discuss recent research papers, algorithms and research developments. In addition, the group maintains a computational infrastructure composed of powerful servers, large storage space, GPU cards and multiple surveillance cameras that allow the execution of large-scale experiments.

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Pattern Recognition and Earth Observation – PATREO

The Pattern Recognition and Earth Observation (PATREO) group is interested in researching and developing new Machine Learning and Image Processing techniques. The main research applications are very related, but not restricted, to the Earth Observation issues, which include remote sensing, agriculture, ecology, and other related fields.
Thus, some of our efforts are focused on Content-Based Image Retrieval, Digital Forensics Analysis, and Geographic Information Systems. The research scope of PATREO concerning the Machine Learning, Image Processing and Remote Sensing areas.